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We would like to thank all these users for supporting us from the very start!

@devfund has sent us over $500 with upvotes

@berniesanders has voted for us as witness with his powerful 1841.2 MV vote

@adsactly has upvoted our posts and voted for us as witness with their powerful 1369.3 MV vote

Big thanks to @teamsteem for believing in us and supporting us from the start.

We have received a lot of support from @thecryptodrive and btw he is a very nice person to chat to.

@ausbitbank was one of the first to see the design and I am really glad he liked it and supported us from that moment on.

@aggroed, saw the design and gave us some great tips from the start.

It was nice to see @papa-pepper, to support us, too! Thank you, it really keeps us motivated.

@someguy123, was also so kind to upvote our post about our final design. He was always very helpful to me personally(@yuriks2000), and gave some great advice about witness server setup.

Would like to thank @dimarss for his creative ideas about features for our app!

@reginablanco, gave a lot of advice in the post comments, thanks for that!

I would like to also thank the following people for supporting us with their upvotes and witness votes: @peaceandlove, @devfund, @berniesanders, @adsactly, @neoxian, @asbear, @broncnutz, @vortac, @jaki01, @krnel, @davidorcamuriel, @bleepcoin, @cryptokidd, @velimir, @bytzz, @tabris, @tysler, @alexvan, @holger80, @emrebeyler, @future24, @honusurf, @kobold-djawa, @satoshibit, @simoxenham, @princessmewmew, @kabir88, @yasu24, @peaceandlove, @etcmike, @mod-tamichh, @leongkhan, @flauwy, @drmake, @crowdfundedwhale, @alao, @masterthematrix, @pnc, @adventuroussoul, @mrs.agsexplorer, @berkah, @bereginja-steem, @chente, @mattclarke, @dimarss, @techchat, @robertlyon, @greenstar, @anjylion, @coolmyll, @njphotog, @steembasicincome, @xr-hammergaming, @jesus.christ, @tubi, @realitycheck, @ronnyche, @igor-steem, @thinkagain, @steemit-earn, @abdullahmushtaq, @aadeshere1, @descard63, @canni, @lastiger, @ajai, @millennia, @missvee, @florencegail, @moznu, @salmansaleem, @antiguojugador, @hpmikjh, @tamala, @hassmonzta, @msarfraz, @nostone-unturned, @imadha, @areeb85, @kepelle, @mistermartes, @ironman12390, @azijulislamsojib, @sisterlo-fi, @dedane, @latricia41, @emmanuel-jegede, @reginablanco, @munchmunch, @yo-landi, @cryptoscout, @dollardallas, @lee.cherry, @evanrodgers, @cryptochain, @makeitdaily, @thegreatgatsby, @turymenecier, @medicinaenvideo, @vikkto, @bitcoincomputer,

Big thanks to developers of the following libraries!



People we would like to thank for help with development

Ivan Vetrov